Inside May 2018


Hatching Higher Protein

BY Susanne Retka SchillFROM THE MAY ISSUE: Technologies for feed coproducts are evolving, pumping out high-protein ingredient alternatives. Experts assure the market is ripe. READ MORE

Enhanced Oilfield Opportunities

BY Lisa GibsonFROM THE MAY ISSUE: The amended 45Q tax credit makes selling carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery a viable strategy for some ethanol plants. With an interconnected pipeline infrastructure, the opportunity grows. READ MORE

The Defense Is in the Details

BY Tim AlbrechtFROM THE MAY ISSUE: Proactive training, knowledgeable operators and even new technologies can mitigate fire risk. READ MORE

Partners in Production

BY Tim AlbrechtFROM THE MAY ISSUE: Chemical companies are developing technologies that would create new market opportunities for the ethanol industry. READ MORE

FEW Technical Sessions Planner

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine FROM THE MAY ISSUE: The agenda for the world’s largest ethanol conference is, as always, jam-packed with relevant and intriguing panel discussions. Attendees will need to plan which concurrent tracks they’ll attend. Here’s the info. READ MORE

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Stay Vigilant

BY Brian Jennings

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine