4 minutes ago

California reaches GHG reduction goal

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Markets, Business, PolicyThe California Air Resources Board has announced that in 2016 the state’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions fell below 1990 levels for the first time since emissions peaked in 2004. Biofuels helped achieve the reduction. READ MORE

5 minutes ago

The highly complex sugarcane genome has finally been sequenced

BY CIRAD Found In:Feedstocks, BusinessAn international team coordinated by CIRAD has sequenced the sugarcane genome. It will now be possible to "modernize" the methods used to breed sugarcane varieties. This will be a real boon to the sugar and biomass industry. READ MORE

5 hours ago

In Depth: United Front

BY Tim AlbrechtFound In:Markets, Business, PolicyFROM THE AUGUST ISSUE: Experts in multiple industries support the idea of a high-octane fuel standard, but some prefer it as a replacement to the RFS. READ MORE

8 hours ago

Opinion: Fuel Your Knowledge

BY Bob Dinneen Found In:Markets, Business, PolicyFROM THE AUGUST ISSUE: Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen talks about the custom ethanol motorcycle built by Paul Jr. Designs and commissioned by RFA that will be featured at the Sturgis Motorcycle rally in South Dakota READ MORE

July 13, 2018

EPA seeks nominations to SAB, agricultural science committee

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Business, PolicyThe U.S. EPA has announced it is seeking nominations for scientific experts to serve on its Science Advisory Board and four SAB standing committees, including the SAB Agricultural Science Committee. READ MORE

July 13, 2018

Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association releases 2018 half year report

BY Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association Found In:Operations, Markets, BusinessThe Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MN Biofuels) released its 2018 Half Year Report to its producer and vendor members at a networking event in Prior Lake, Minnesota, July 11. READ MORE

July 13, 2018

USGC emphasizes commitment to Mexican trading partnership

BY U.S. Grains Council Found In:Markets, Coproducts, Business, PolicyThe election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador as Mexico’s next president will add new elements to the already-complex U.S.-Mexico trading relationship, negotiations for a revised North American Free Trade Agreement and the global grains marketplace. READ MORE

July 13, 2018

In Depth: Policy, Production, Potential

BY Lisa GibsonFound In:Operations, Markets, Feedstocks, Coproducts, Business, PolicyFROM THE AUGUST ISSUE: A recap the events at the 2018 FEW in Omaha, Nebraska, including an opening speech from Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor; panels focused on efficiency, compliance, finance and more; and a tour of Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy READ MORE

July 13, 2018

Opinion: With Friends Like This...

BY Doug Sombke Found In:Markets, Business, PolicyFROM THE AUGUST ISSUE: South Dakota Farmers Union President Doug Sombke discusses how the EPA's proposed Renewable Enhancement and Growth Support rule would hurt both the ethanol and agriculture industries READ MORE